Coconut Oil A.K.A Liquid Gold

In my first post I mentioned that I had made my coconut oil beauty products. I have just discovered the amazing-ness of coconut oil and I am never going back. I bought coconut oil in the first place because I had read about oil pulling. Pretty much you swish oil in your mouth daily for 20 minutes and there are a bunch of benefits. I must have bought the wrong kind the first time because, boy, did it taste bad and it pretty much turned me off of coconut oil and oil pulling. But I still used the stinky coconut oil to cook and my sister got into it too. It wasn’t after we used up that first jar that I bought (I’m assuming) the right coconut oil (I think the first time I didn’t buy extra virgin). I went to my local health food store and picked up the biggest jar of coconut oil I could afford. I had pinned a whole bunch of pins about all the uses of coconut oil and I knew I wanted to for sure make coconut oil body scrub/shave-cream and make up remover. I liked the thought of exfoliating my skin and the coconut oil left my skin so soft without irritating it and left the faint smell of coconut. I would just like to note that I’m currently OBSESSED with everything coconut- coconut chips, oil, piña coladas, shrimp 😉 if it has coconut in it…I’m down.

Also my whole life my sister and I  have been plagued by little pimply white bumps on our upper arms, which at times of boredom get picked at/popped and leave small scars. Just leave them alone you say… NO! pimples are so fun to pop, especially tiny ones on your upper arms, so easily accessible.  I’m telling ya, it gets addicting popping those suckers! My rationalization was if you pop them they will go away. No, there is more the next day. My sister got it worse then me though, she picked a little more than I did and she has some scarring from it. She had talked to an esthetician and she advised my sister to bring the coconut oil in the shower because mixed with the steam of the shower is very hydrating and will stimulate new cell growth to lessen the appearance of scars. Because coconut oil is a natural ingredient with no other chemicals combined, it is more easily absorbed into the skin rather than other topical skin treatments and lotions. (Her words, not mine.. Thanks Megan!!) Since my sister found this information, her arms have less scarring, but everybody is different of course!

Sure Ange, bring the coconut oil in the shower! See if i care!! Kidding, but I was in shock when in only two days most of those little pimples were gone. Also while in the shower I used it on my legs and pretty much all over my body, I no longer needed to use lotion after that because my skin felt so moisturized and smooth! What a win!

I was hooked and never looked back. I saw on Pinterest how to make body scrub so I tried it. Mine didn’t turn out as well. But it gets the job done.  Next jar I’ll have to be more careful because what happened was some hot water got into my jar and liquified some of my sugar/salt mixture. So when I get into the shower the jar has sugar/salt mix on the bottom, a watery divide of sugary salt water and then the hardened coconut oil on top. It doesn’t bother me because I just use a spoon and mix it up and good as new.  I also think my problem was also my ratio of salt/sugar to coconut oil.

This is what I ended up with…(Sorry it was a little used by the time I got around to taking the picture)


The blog I was going off of says to combine sea salt, raw sugar, sweet orange and essential oil. In mine I used what I had on hand:

Sea Salt

Raw Sugar

lemon zest and juice

coconut oil

OH MY IT SMELT SO GOOD!! Loved it!! Next time I think what I need is more sugar and salt and less lemon juice and coconut oil. Mix the sugar and salt and lemon zest together first then slowly add in the coconut oil and then add a little bit of the lemon juice..  and VOILA! you have easy homemade body scrub!

Make up remover

When I was  doing my research on how to make  coconut oil make up remover, the post I found the most said she had found a vintage Avon Jar from a thrift store which I thought was a really cool idea. Eventually, I will get something like that but for now I just re used a small jar that I think once held garlic (LOL! have I mentioned I’m Italian, Don’t worry it didn’t smell any more.)

The make up the remover is as simple as warming up the coconut oil so that its liquid and putting it in a small jar and leaving it in the freezer overnight. Coconut oil, depending on what temperature the room is, usually stays in a solid form. However if too warm, it will start to break down into a lesser solid form. I have seen coconut oils  that are liquid..don’t fret, it doesn’t matter what form it is in. It can go from melted to solid and back to melted without compromising the awesomely- goodness of coconut oil!

The point is to start with liquid coconut oil and then freeze it to a solid… Once I froze mine it never has completely gone liquid again… maybe the top gets a little soft but that’s good because it transfers on my fingers better. Originally I bought cotton pads and warmed them with water to remove the make up but they left cotton pieces in my eyes and the water got everywhere by dripping out of the cotton pad so now I just use my fingers and wipe off with a clean towel and that works better for me.

I hope this helped!! Tell me how it went!

Thanks for reading! XOXOXO

-Mama Mia


6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil A.K.A Liquid Gold

  1. Maria, I don’t think I understand oil pulling and I’m intrigued by this body scrub and shave cream. Is coconut oil liquidy like EVOO?

    • Hi Michelle! great to hear from you! Oil pulling is taking a small amount of oil (most prefer coconut oil, but I have read you can use any cold pressed organic oil) and swishing it around your mouth for about 20 minutes a day. The same as you would mouthwash but for longer. The report benefits are whiter teeth, prevents bad breath,strengthens teeth, gums, jaw, prevent disease and increases overall oral health. It is also reported that the benefits extend oral health and may go as far as to relieve headaches, support kidney function, reduce insomnia, relieves hangovers and can be used for general detoxification. Some people who practice oil pulling say that this time is their time to “Zen out” and it is relaxing to them. I got most of my information from this link ( ). And I have pinned a bunch of resources on my Pinterest page. Check it out!

      The consistency of coconut oil depends on the temperature. If you keep it at room temperature it is closer to a liquid form (sometimes its like a jelly form). When it starts to cool it will solidify.The colder the coconut oil the harder it will get. It doesn’t take much to melt coconut starts melting the second it touches your skin. If you wanted a more solid form I would keep it in the fridge if your house tends to be hot ( I like to keep my air really low, I live in AZ.. so I like it cool and my coconut oil stays solid at room temp) the fridge may be a better place. If you are wanting to use it as a make up remover the solid form is better because you can just rub your fingers/cotton pad on top and slowly wear it away (think lip balm that you use your finger to apply, its the same concept)

      Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m happy to help!

      Thank you for reading!

  2. I literally have a jar in every ones rooms, both bathrooms and the shower, lol! It has so many powers and eliminated so many chemical filled products I used on myself and kids, especially the baby! Coconut oil = liquid gold!

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